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SAFI is educating the next generation of pilots

Become the pilot you've always wanted to be. South Atlanta Flight Instruction (SAFI) is the newest and most robust flight school in the Henry County area.

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Professional Learning Environment

SAFI's instructors are held to the highest standards of professionalism and safety. With hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of experience in a variety of aviation professions,  you're sure to make a connection with our instructors that lasts a lifetime.

Our instructors offer extremely flexible instruction times; work towards your pilot license at your own pace. Whether you aspire to fly as a hobby or as a professional; SAFI will accommodate your needs and provide an optimal learning experience.


Schedule Your Discovery Flight Today

What are you waiting for? See what it's like to fly behind the controls of an airplane. Schedule your discovery flight  today and begin an aviation journey that will last a lifetime.

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